• Carla Magnan
  • 25 Settembre 2020

Première: E LENTAMENTE PRENDE FORMA, for string quartet

I am pleased to invite you to the inaugural concert of our association: IL PONTE DI GENOVA DI FERRO E ARIA (the bridge of Genoa of iron and air), Monday 28 September at 6 pm at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, in the Salone del Maggior Consiglio, dedicated to our city and to GIORGIO CAPRONI.

“Genoa di ferro e aria” are the words of his “Litanie” that RENZO PIANO does not fail to mention in his conversations when speaking of the new bridge of Genoa San Giorgio.

GIORGIO CAPRONI sang Liguria with great love and in particular Genoa, his “city of the soul”, with the Genoese “verticality” made up of “creuze”, climbs, ramps, stairs, elevators and funiculars. ..

It is as if in 2020 the new bridge of Genoa San Giorgio,  Caproni and my new quartet “E LENTAMENTE PRENDE FORMA” (AND SLOWLY TAKES SHAPE) embraced the city in an event in which the images, poetry and music of yesterday and today  merged with Caproni’s poems and the music that he loved.

“E LENTAMENTE PRENDE FORMA” for string quartet was commissioned by Associazione Pasquale Anfossi for this concert, dedicated to the new Genoa San Giorgio bridge, inspired by the poem “Litanie” by Giorgio Caproni and the work of the musician painter Adalberto Borioli.


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